Why choose sustainable, bio-based growing media?

The use of sustainable and bio-based growing media in horticulture is important because it allows us to save energy, reduce waste, capture carbon, preserve biodiversity and improve soil health, thereby significantly reducing the environmental impact of horticulture.

The 4 star TÜV Austria certified bio-based substrates from Organic Shapes play an important role in promoting sustainability and reducing negative environmental impacts and offer significant advantages over traditional materials such as stone wool and peat. Here are the main reasons:


Our bio-based materials are made from renewable resources such as crops, vegetable oils and wood. They generally have a lower carbon footprint, reducing dependence on non-renewable fossil resources. Switching to bio-based materials helps us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.

Less dependence on non-renewable resources

Traditional materials, including petroleum-based binders, rely on finite and non-renewable resources. By using bio-based binders, Organic Shapes reduces the use of non-renewable resources and promotes a more sustainable horticulture.


The bio-based materials that we use are industrial biodegradable. They can be broken down by natural processes such as micro-organisms and enzymes. This helps reduce the huge amount of waste entering the environment and supports a circular economy.

Reduced environmental impact

Bio-based materials often have a lower environmental impact during production. You can think of lower energy consumption and lower emissions.
They also have a positive impact on reducing environmental problems such as plastic pollution and the depletion of natural resources.
All important reasons why we like using them.

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